• Polis

    Polis, a journal published by Il Mulino on behalf of the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo research foundation in Bologna, offers its readers studies and empirical research on social and political phenomena in contemporary Italy and other Western countries. Since 1987 sociologists, political scientists, economists, anthropologists, demographers and social historians have rendered the journal a prestigious multidisciplinary forum for analysing the evolution and transformations of society and politics in a comparative perspective. 

  • Comunicazione politica

    Comunicazione Politica (ComPol) – founded in 2000 and published by Il Mulino since 2009 – is sponsored by the Associazione Italiana di Comunicazione politica (Italian Association of Political Communication). It is well established among the academic and scientific community as the leading Italian journal that studies, analyzes and discusses the relationships between media and politics. The journal welcomes all research methods, comparative perspectives and analytical articles that deal with emerging political communication topics in Italy and worldwide. ComPol aims at promoting the interdisciplinary development of political communication scholarship by publishing contributions from political scientists, sociologists, mass communication and new media researchers, linguists, historians, and scholars from other disciplines. It features research on the deep transformations that have taken place in the electoral and political arenas in the last decades. The journal pays special attention also to the ongoing developments in the world of professions related to political communication: political marketing and consultancy, public affairs, polls, media management, and the like, with the aim of stimulating the discussion between academic research and professional work in crucial political environments. COMPOL publishes articles both in Italian and in English, encouraging submissions also from international scholars. All articles undergo under blind peer-review. 

  • Problemi dell'informazione

    Founded in 1976 by Paolo Murialdi Problemi dell'informazione, is concerned with topics related to information and media system. The publication puts journalism at the centre of the analysis of concise articles, surveys and files, providing the systematic analysis and the organisation of data archives, news and reflections essential to those interested in working in the field of communication. The journal represents an indispensable tool for journalists, for those interested in journalism and for those who want to have access to professional information about the world of media and communication. Il Mulino offers 20% discount to accredited journalists. 20% discount for members of the "Ordine dei giornalisti".

  • Micro & Macro Marketing

    Micro & Macro Marketing costituisce uno strumento per l’aggiornamento, l’ampliamento e il confronto interdisciplinare tra marketing, psicologia, sociologia, statistica. Sensibile ai problemi più attuali che i marketer si trovano a dover affrontare, propone un’ottica di scambio continuo tra realtà aziendale e ricerca scientifica. Si occupa tra l’altro di information and communication technologies, tendenze del marketing internazionale, creatività e innovazione, marketing non convenzionale, ricerche di mercato, competitività, lusso, made in Italy, consumo critico, misurazione del mercato e marketing del turismo, e altri importanti aspetti che operatori e studiosi affrontano nel loro lavoro. Ogni numero contiene l’analisi di importanti casi aziendali e un Osservatorio su temi di attualità nell'ambito della ricerca sui consumi e sui mercati.

  • L'industria - Rivista di economia e politica industriale

    L’industria è una delle più antiche riviste italiane di economia. Nata a Milano nel 1886, circa un secolo più tardi si fonde con la Rivista di economia e politica industrialefondata da Romano Prodi. Si propone come luogo di dibattito sui grandi temi dell’economia e della politica industriale. La rivista segue tre filoni di analisi: le industrie, i mercati, le politiche, dedicando molto spazio, oltre che alle esperienze del nostro paese, a quelle europee, a quelle dei paesi a consolidata industrializzazione e a quelle delle nuove realtà emergenti.

  • Psicologia sociale

    Psicologia sociale aims at being the instrument for spreading and applying in Italy the knowledge acquired through national and international socio-psychological research. During its first years of life it reached a considerable success, thanks to the variety of discussed topics. 
    The journal is structured in a “Debates” section, in which a topic particularly relevant for the discipline is presented and discussed; “Reviews”, in which the state of the art of a specific research field is taken into account; a “Focus”, proposed by some of the most prominent international scholars; a section including “Studies and Research”, subjected to a careful scientific selection. Finally, an “Instruments” section is present, with the aim of illustrating tools and techniques useful to collect and analyse data through heuristically efficient methods. The contributions welcomed by the journal are not only referred to social psychology in a strict sense, but also to the fields of work and organization, environment, community and politics. Although proposing itself as a scientific tool, “Psicologia Sociale” also focuses on problems relevant to social life; for this reason, it is addressed to a non specialized public too.

  • Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche

    The Italian Journal of Public Policy (Rivista italiana di politiche pubbliche – Ripp) aims at establishing a forum concerned with the study of the dynamics trough which contemporary political systems try to tackle and solve problems having collective relevance. Even though paradigms and concepts developed by political scientists are likely to play an important role in defining the Journal’s concern, its approach cannot be but multidisciplinary. This will help building conditions whereby social scientists dealing with policy analysis from a numerosity of perspectives may converse with practitioners (professionals, politicians and administrators), exchanging experiences and information, and comparing approaches and methods. The Journal aims at publishing articles of a theoretical nature as well as contributions based on empirical research dealing with:

    1. the constitutive elements of public policies (actors, institutions, ideas, networks etc.).

    2. policy processes and the interaction between the political system and society;

    3. the impact of party competition and political institutions on policy programs;

    4. the relationship between the organisational properties of politico-administrative structures and public policies;

    5. comparative analyses and case-studies of specific policies;

    6. the study of European policies and of their interactions with national contexts;

    7. instruments and strategies of regulation;

    8. strategic management of public policy;

    9. theoretical and operational problems of policy change;

    10. methods of public policy research.

    Each issue of the Journal will present four-five articles; a critical review of recent literature (theoretical concepts and empirical questions); a note describing and illustrating policy relevant data banks made available by public agencies, private corporations or academic institutions.

  • Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa

    Published on a four-monthly basis, Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa (Ethnography and Qualitative Research) is a peer-review journal that hosts high-quality, original ethnographic and qualitative research, combining careful empirical observation with sound theoretical reflection. The journal covers traditional areas of ethnographic inquiry, such as urban ethnography, deviance, work and occupational communities, immigration and ethnic relations, but also promotes the ethnographic analysis of scientific practices and knowledge, information and surveillance systems, religious practices, politics and the media, sport and the arts. ERQ is not committed to any specific theoretical approach, and is open to papers influenced by different theoretical traditions, provided they are based on accurate field research. It is published in Italian, English, and French. The journal also organizes a conference every two years – see

  • Intersezioni. Rivista di storia delle idee

    Intersezioni affronta la storia delle idee nel nome dell’interdisciplinarità, volta ad aprire nuove prospettive di studio e di comprensione. Originariamente ispirata al modello del «Journal of the History of Ideas» di Lovejoy, che tanta parte ha avuto nella cultura internazionale, ma aperta al rinnovarsi delle metodologie, Intersezioni affronta tematiche di letteratura, storia, filosofia, scienza, storia dell’arte, musica, creando una sinfonia tra discipline diverse e un importante coro di prestigiosi studiosi italiani e stranieri.

  • Politica Economica - Journal of Economic Policy

    The purpose of Politica Economica Journal of Economic Policy(PEJEP) is to provide an outlet for original research in all areas of economic and public policy with a special focus on Italy as an EU country. The Journal privileges variety in methodological approaches and awareness of financial, institutional, and political economy constraints when advancing and evaluating policy measures. Both aspects can enhance the impact of economists’ analyses and proposals in the public debate. PEJEP’s scope encompasses – but is not limited to - theoretical and applied, macro and micro studies, proposals for new policy measures, methods and applications thereof to evaluate policies already implemented. The Journal publishes papers in English; papers in Italian are also accepted when it is deemed worthwhile for specific themes. PEJEP publishes special issues on any topic in economic policy of current interest.

  • Ricerche di storia politica

    Ricerche di storia politica pubblica «Saggi», «Rassegne» e «Rubriche» sui maggiori e più attuali temi di storia politica. Privilegiando la comparazione e spaziando dall’Italia, all’Europa, alle aree extraeuropee, offre la sezione di recensioni – «Biblioteca» – più ricca in Italia, grazie all’ampiezza internazionale degli editori considerati. Nelle pagine delle «Ricerche» autori italiani e stranieri affrontano i più rilevanti temi della storia politica contemporanea di Italia, Europa, Medio Oriente e Americhe, superando i confini delle storie nazionali. I numeri monografici sono protagonisti del dibattito storiografico e ogni fascicolo presenta una rassegna bibliografica sui progressi della ricerca nei vari campi della storia politica.

  • Sistemi intelligenti

    Sistemi intelligenti è una rivista dedicata allo studio e alla discussione dei sistemi naturali e artificiali capaci di comportamenti intelligenti, con l’obiettivo di favorire la comunicazione e la conoscenza reciproca tra ricercatori nelle diverse discipline. Si occupa delle condizioni e delle conseguenze cognitive e sociali dello sviluppo delle tecnologie informatiche e affronta i problemi relativi alle applicazioni dei sistemi intelligenti e all’impatto economico, sociale e culturale dell’introduzione delle nuove tecnologie digitali.